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Roku Support December 24, 2013 Channels

Want to learn more about YouTube on Roku? Click on any of the following FAQs:

(Note that YouTube is only available on the Roku 3 platform with 5.3 software version.)


YouTube FAQ

Why is YouTube available only on the Roku 3?

Roku 3 is our fastest and most powerful streaming player and as such, from time to time, it will receive new content and features before other players in our line-up. We’d like to stress that it is a priority for us to make YouTube available on more Roku devices next year.

Will you make YouTube available on other Roku player models? When?

It is a priority for us to make YouTube available on more Roku devices next year — including Roku 2, Roku 1 and Roku LT players. It will not be available for the oldest models (introduced prior to 2011).

Roku Support November 27, 2013 Channels

Having trouble linking your Facebook account to the Facebook channel? Try these steps:

1. Log into Facebook on your PC/MAC

2. Click on Settings settings.JPG located in the top right corner of your browser

3. Select Privacy Settings


4. Click on Apps apps.JPG

5. Click on the x next to Edit for the Roku App


You will be prompted to remove the app:


6. Click remove and then go back to and follow the onscreen instructions.


Roku Support November 22, 2013 Roku Mobile App

The Roku iOS Mobile app is temporarily unavailable for download and will be available again in a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding.